because of you,

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half the time, i don’t even know i’m smiling.

aishite imasu

wo ai ni

i love you

mahal kita


who would have thought, huh?

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♥♥♥ happiness ♥♥♥

8 months

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8 freakin’ months!

it’s a cycle i cannot avoid.


move on naman dyan!

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pano ka ba naman makaka-move on nyan kung kinikilig ka pa din?!

move on! move on! move on!


bakit ganon?

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pag nasa masayang moment ka, nakakalimutan mo ung mga times na nasaktan ka. aware ka naman na kasunod ng masayang moment eh masasaktan ka ulit pero ayan ka, go ka pa din.


i’m bleedin’ and broken, though i’ve never spoken

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At times I do believe I am strong
So someone tell me why
Do I feel stupid


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no matter how hard you think you’ve fallen for that person, you will come to a point where you start to doubt your feelings when you feel uncertain of your stand in that person’s life.

BUT, at the back of your head, you’re still wishing for things to change.