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Posted in whatever, when boredom strikes on March 30, 2009 by kat

i was doing my own thing, minding my own business when you caught me by surprise. i admit i was shy at first. i wasn’t used to the idea of us, or maybe i entertained it a bit after that first, second, third rendezvous. i don’t know what happened the next days. maybe it was just me who thought there was something. or maybe i’m just plain naive.

last thing i heard, you were doing okay. good for you. maybe that’s just the way it is. just like we were before. nothing special. as if nothing has happened.

so here i am, back to minding my own business. thanks for the memories na lng. see you when i see you.


^annabanana ends here

Posted in buhay office on March 25, 2009 by kat



i will miss the girl on my right.